Flatwater Sprint Racing Team

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LCKC’s racing team is for athletes aged 10 and up who have learned the basics and are ready to take the sport to the next level. The training program is tiered to serve intermediate to Olympic-level athletes including adults. Training is year round. The program:

  • Develops discipline, focus, goal setting and other invaluable life skills
  • Provides the local community with a unique sport and an Olympic caliber training program
  • Encourages each athlete to reach their maximum potential
  • Creates opportunities for local, regional, national and international competitions
  • Promotes a sense of “team” among the athletes.

Bronze and Silver Training Teams

Our young athletes begin their sprint training on the Bronze team and then move up the ladder to Silver.  With an age range from 10-15, these youth are recruited from the Beginner Racing League program.

Athletes advance their paddling skills by developing the balance skills required to paddle tippier boats, cross-training to enhance their athletic abilities, and competing on the local (Bronze), regional, and national level. While this program is focused on skill development and training, the athletes still have a lot of fun in the process.

All equipment is provided. Bronze athletes practice three times per week during the school year and three times per week during summer. Silver athletes practice four times per week during the school year and up to 6 times per week during summer.

Gold Training Team

Our Gold athletes are advanced paddlers who have progressed through the program and show a serious commitment to the sport. These athletes compete on the local, national, and international levels.

Training is held up to nine times per week during the Fall and Winter and up to twelve times per week during Summer. Athletes strive to represent the USA internationally at the Olympic Hopes Regatta, Junior and Senior World Championships, Pan American Canoe Championships, and the Olympic Games.


The Masters Competitive program begins at age 25 and lasts a lifetime! Focus on developing and improving balance, paddling technique, and specific racing skills. The program encourages a healthy lifestyle through physical activity; aerobic, weights and body weight exercises as well as paddling.

The coaches work with each athlete to help them achieve personal goals. Whether your goal is to race on the local, national, or international level or not race at all, the Masters Competitive group accommodates everyone. This group practices 3 times per week.

Please contact the LCKC office for more information:  info@lckc.org