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Gainesville, Georgia is booming and blooming with its numerous gardens and natural woodland trails! This lush haven offers a whimsical escape for nature lovers and curious explorers alike. Dive in as we uncover the charm and beauty of Atlanta Botanical Garden – Gainesville!


Looking for a fun summer activity? Look no further than the Atlanta Botanical Garden location in Gainesville, Georgia. Whether you have entered the park to read a book in the shaded gardens or to go for a stroll to get some cardio in, you can’t miss the newest exhibit “Glass in Flight”, created by the nationally known sculptor Alex Heveri.

As I entered the garden, I was greeted by sculptures of gigantic insects capturing the bright sunlight just perfectly. The exhibition, “Glass in Flight”, offers educational insights into the lives of the creatures it represents. It features 15 glass and steel sculptures of giant insects scattered throughout the series of paths trailing through a comfortably shaded space to fully immerse myself in the exhibit, with cool a cool refreshing breeze coming from the creeks.

While I strolled the exhibit, I was drawn to a beautiful butterfly sculpture near the entrance. The sunlight filtered through the glass accentuating its vibrant purple hues, while bees buzzed around nearby flowers, creating a serene atmosphere.

I had the pleasure of meeting knowledgeable garden attendants who gave insight into the artist’s exciting background. Alex Heveri is a criminal defense lawyer by day who single handedly created each of these giant sculptures! She welded each connection of steel and placed each slab of glass just perfectly to represent the natural patterns of the insects. Heveri mentioned in an interview with the Tuscan Botanical Gardens that cutting each individual piece of glass was a tedious task, at times taking an hour to cut it to correctly fit within the sculptures. She uses a method referred to as “Dalle da Verre”, a French term that translates to “glass slab”, a technique that uses thick, 1-inch slabs of glass to create unique artistic pieces.

The Glass in Flight exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Gainesville, GA is a unique blend of art and nature offering a new perspective to appreciate the beauty of both glass artistry and the natural world. Whether you’re a nature lover, art enthusiast, or just wanting a relaxing summer activity this exhibit is a must see attraction. Worried about keeping your young kids entertained? Stop by the kids area which is full of interactive activities including a playground and cool refreshing water activities.



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