Art Walk

Join us in Historic Gainesville April 18, 2024 from 2-8pm for our 2nd annual Art Walk!


Experience the vast creative culture in Gainesville while you discover local galleries, local artists, and pop-up art shows in various downtown business storefronts. This FREE event offers you the opportunity to buy original art, dine in outstanding restaurants, and shop in unique boutiques!

Thursday evening will be the main event, featuring open house-style meet and greets with featured artists, refreshments, live music, and specials at various businesses in the historic districts of Gainesville. The Gainesville Trolley will make it easy for you to walk the four main areas of the historic district, making stops in Midland, Downtown, Green Street, and Brenau Districts. 

All Parking Decks are FREE in Gainesville!

  • Main Street Parking Deck, 301 Main St.
  • Hall County Parking Facility, 225 Green St.
  • North Parking Deck, 130 Main St.

This event is presented by Main Street Gainesville, a program focusing on economic vitality through Historic Preservation in our downtown commercial districts. 

Trolley Run Times: 2pm – 9pm

Two Gainesville Trolleys, along with the new Explore Gainesville “Cool Bus,” will make rotations from 2-9pm for the event. The event ends at 8pm, and the last ’rounds’ will start at 8:30pm, so be sure to be back on one of the vehicles by then to ensure a ride back to your starting point.


How to Make the Most of your Art Walk Experience:

  • Print your own 11×17 art walk guide at home! (or pick one up the day of the event, or just use the google map on the website, below.)
  • There’s no perfect place to start. We recommend picking a parking deck and find the closest Trolley Spot.  (starred on the printed map; notated on the Google Map)
  • A great place to start: Park in the Main Street Parking Deck at 301 Main Street SW, and start your walk at Moore’s Wealth Management (Stop #8). Pick up an “Art Walk Guide” here and begin your tour around the Square, or hop on the Trolley to the next section of town.
  • Follow the numbers in a circular pattern for the quickest journey to all the stops.  (Once you get to #32, circle back to #1.)
  • Each Trolley Pick Up Spot will have a Yard Sign, and Each Art Stop will have a bundle of balloons and window decal to help you locate where to go!
  • Pick up an “Art Walk Guide” handout on the Trolley, or at any of the stops, with a handy ‘check off as you go’ section to make sure you hit up all the spots!
  • Check out nearby retail and restaurants as you walk around downtown and see what’s new!
  • If you want, you can mix up Riding the Trolley and walking between areas of town- totally up to you! It’s a great way to explore some of the best spots in Gainesville.
  • The google map has extra notations, like public bathrooms and featured murals around town.

2024 Art Walk Google Map

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*Applications closed February 15, 2024.*


Participating Artists in Alphabetical Order, with Art Walk Stop # Location:


Alexander, Ann- 10
Ann Alexander, Ann- 29
Ann Goble, Ann- 29
Appling, Avery- 30
Auten, Morgan- 23
Bassham, Sheri- 17
Best, Jan- 24
Biondi, Jesse- 5
Bolt, Malia- 30
Brader, Jennifer- 2
Braselton, Hope- 30
Callison, Maria- 13
Chien Hong Dragon Lion Dance Troupe- 20
Cochran, Cynthia- 24
Cook, Amanda- 3
Dale, Danielle- 32
Darnell, James- 31
Fabian, Patricia- 13
Ferguson, Lydia- 10
Fields, Nancy- 24
Goble, Ann- 10
Gomez-Bleuth & Melvin, Catalina- 25
Gongora, Ana- 6
Gradin, Fox- 4
Griffin, Jayda- 14
Gurrola, Jorge- 6
Hassel, Shelly- 19
Heaton, Jenny- 27
Hemmer, Jane- 10
Hill, Anne Brodie- 10
Hornor, Joyce- 10
Hullar, Carrie- 15
Humphrey, Jim & Juanita- 11
Joyner, Dusti- 8
Judy Black, Judy- 29
Kawa, Blair- 9
Kohler-Camp, Pam- 10
Land, Trish- 25
Lawalin, Nancy- 24
Lawson, Patty- 16
Lidback, Annie- 15
Loudermilk, Bethanie- 25
Loudermilk, Bethanie- 9
Malmsten, Erica- 2
McFall, Natasha- 18
Medrano, Wendy- 6
Michael, Landy- 32
Miller, Lauren Erwin- 19
Mills, Michael- 7
Neal Hughes, Neal- 29
Nicholson, John- 22
Nix, Caroline- 26
Oakley, Sara-24
Paez, Esmeralda- 26
Parks, Michael- 9
Paula Hoffman, Paula- 10
Penado, Mateo- 2
Puckett, Tyler- 9
Redman, Mark- 5
Reilly, Connie Lynn- 10
Rooks, Keith- 19
Rooks, Keith- 19
Ruppe, Jennier- 2
Seguin, Shirley- 10
Shannon Hughs, Shannon- 10
Simmons, McCree- 9
Terrell, Megan- 9
Thomason, Maggie- 9, 26
Thomaszewski, Nicole- 1
Toledo, Melvin- 25
Toma, Diana and Corina- 25
Toney, Jess- 2
Watson, Erica- 12


Art Walk (2023 Recap)