736 Green Street

Brown Milican House

The original home built in 1897 by George Quillian was very different to the one standing at present.  The home started as a 5 room home more than likely a Victorian style with a wrap around porch. To the current home, now considered a Colonial Revival Georgian home.  In 1911, Mr. Quillian divided the home and two of the rooms were used for the living room. Mrs. F.P. Brown, the stepdaughter of Mr. Quillian, inherited the house in 1929 and altered the home as well.  She removed the wraparound porch, added a stoop in both the front and back and added a side porch.

After their marriage in 1949 and their graduation from UGA in 1951, Felix Walton Jackson, Jr. and Joan Fuller Jackson moved into the home. (Mr. Jackson’s parents lived next door at 718 Green Street) The Jackson’s also made changes to the home.  They lowered the ceilings, squared off the arched doorways and closed off some of the fireplaces.  In 1973, the home was sold to Troy Milican and changed hands a few times since. The home is currently owned by H. Lloyd Hill Architects and is used as their main office.

(Modern photographs of Green Street homes taken in 2022 by the Gainesville Convention and Visitors Bureau Intern Emma King. Historic photographs and information gathered from our friends at The Gainesville Times, The Norton Agency, the Historical Society of Hall County, the National Register of Historic Places, and the Digital Library of Georgia.)

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