539 Green Street

Pruitt Wheeler McBrayer House

This home was built in 1908 by J.C. Pruitt. It is considered to be a Neoclassical Revival style and Georgian type house. The first addition to the home was during the 1920’s when a rear gable roof was added. In the 1940s, a two car garage with an apartment was built on the property, which is no longer present. The last noted addition was in the 1950s, when a two story rear flat roof and a rear flat roof, enclosed porch were attached to the home.

The original owner, Mr. Pruitt moved to Gainesville from Forsyth County with his brother-in-law, E.R. Barrett. They owned and operated Pruitt-Barrett Hardware Co. until it was destroyed by the tornado of 1936. In 1942, this home was purchased by Judge A.C. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler was a judge and lawyer that moved to Gainesville from Gwinnett County in 1907. After the death of his wife, the home became property of their daughter, Francis Wheeler McBrayer.


Pruitt Wheeler McBrayer House, 1975

Despite its age, the home still showcases some of the finest mahogany and walnut work in Gainesville.

(Modern photographs of Green Street homes taken in 2022 by the Gainesville Convention and Visitors Bureau Intern Emma King. Historic photographs and information gathered from our friends at The Gainesville Times, The Norton Agency, the Historical Society of Hall County, the National Register of Historic Places, and the Digital Library of Georgia.)

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