404 Green Street

Lathem Barrett Moore House

The Lathem Barrett Moore House was built between 1880 and 1890. The original construction had five rooms, 12-foot ceilings and included a veranda.

Available records fail to identify who built the home and occupied it until it was purchased in 1907 by Mr. George Lathem. In 1917, Mr. Lathem sold to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barrett, who owned the home for nearly 20 years.

Mr. John Moore purchased the home in 1935 and rented it to Mr. C.J. Cheves, the superintendent of the Gainesville City School System at the time, until 1943.

“Lathem-Barrett-Moore House” by Bud Savage (2015)

Mr. Robert Lee Moore purchased the home in 1943. Moore did a massive remodel and restoration on the home three years later, and in 1960, sold it to W.F. Hennens. It is currently home to Hawkins Family Dental.

(Modern photographs of Green Street homes taken in 2022 by the Gainesville Convention and Visitors Bureau Intern Emma King. Historic photographs and information gathered from our friends at The Gainesville Times, The Norton Agency, the Historical Society of Hall County, the National Register of Historic Places, and the Digital Library of Georgia.)

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